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February 8, 2008

To the men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Armed Forces of America, and all people of Earth

This letter will stand in the historical records as both an offer of assistance and a request for help from God the Almighty. The United States of America is requested to be allied with Our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ: and to go to war against our mortal enemy... Satan. Do not regard this proposal as a hoax or a contrived story, there will be someone there with access to a classified archive that will be able to verify my story. Please read this letter in its entirety, your life and the lives of your loved ones may depend on it, your soul and your future in the Universe may depend on it. This letter is also a deadly serious warning. This letter is filled with many warnings and for those of you who choose not to read it or heed them, the most important message I can give you is not to curse God in your last moments as you find yourself and your children dying in a terrible way. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and endure your suffering as best you can in prayer. You must never curse God or call Him a coward, especially in your dying moments without a chance to repent. God gave me these warnings and I pass them on to you. God the Almighty is not the one who betrayed you. Please store a 12 month supply of food. Dried beans will keep your family alive. All governments should store at least a two year supply of food for their nation's population. This is a important lesson from the Bible and history. Lucifer and Satan are habitual liars, this is also an important lesson from our Bible. This letter should take less than 12 minutes to read.

Our Heavenly Father wants the people of Earth to know He deeply regrets and is sorry there is so much evil in His Universe. There was a time when evil did not exist. Our Heavenly Father said He introduced evil into His Universe from a Sister Universe and at the time was misled and unaware of the danger and eventual consequences. The evil spread through his Universe like a virus and He was unable to stop it. In order to survive He created Holiness and Heaven and separated Himself from His own creation. Our Heavenly Father left instructions for His return to our planet. We must kneel or lay down with our faces close to the ground and keep our eyes closed. He said to cover the heads of infants and small children with blankets or cloth and hold them tight. He said the Earth may shudder as he approaches but not to be afraid. Our Heavenly Father said many people around the planet who fought so hard for him would die needlessly if they did not heed this warning. God said He would grant them passage to Heaven but  they would never see the grandeur and miracles of our transformed Earth and His Kingdom. God the Almighty especially wanted His children to pray for His power and safety as He draws closer to Earth. God the Almighty receives tremendous strength from prayers dedicated to Him.

You believe in the Universe. Our Universe is called Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. We live in the Universe. We live in God. Our Universe has consciousness and thinks in Math just like us. Our solar system and planet Earth is a Godmade machine to support and evolve life. Our Universe is contaminated with evil. We are on course to destroy Earth with help from evil and our alien enemies: Satan. Satan now has complete control over the government and Armed Forces of America.

The government of the United States of America has been offered a chance to return to God and keep their military power. The offer has been rejected. Just as other governments and nations have led their peoples into ruin and destruction, so America will also be led into destruction by insanity and evil. Our military commanders and Intelligence agencies are possessed by Satan. They believe God the Almighty is our enemy because He is Holy. The Universe and Earth do not belong to Satan or the people of Earth. Our government is fully aware of the damage caused to our planet's mesosphere/mesopause by rocket propulsion systems and our atmosphere has a extremely limited capacity to repair itself. Once a point of no return is reached: there is absolutely no chance of recovery. Catastrophic failure will occur. Our government has this information and decided to keep it classified. If you believe you can trust the government of the United States of America: You are dead wrong. Our planet can end up looking just like Mars. Destroying our atmosphere is the greatest crime in all of human history. God the Almighty has offered a solution of possibly allowing some kind of limited launch capacity at our planet's poles with about 4 launches a year. This must be negotiated with God and it may be too late. This betrayal is treason against God's children. A massive meteor strike may be the only solution left for God the Almighty and His Angels. All damage to our atmosphere and evidence provided by God must be made public. The Fires of Hell are real and no place anyone wants to end up. No planet can withstand the damage we are currently inflicting on Earth. God also said He would provide starships and many victories if we defeat Satan.

God the Almighty is not pleased with a lot of scripture attributed to His Word. Many things in the Bible and visions have an opposite meaning of the written word or actual images in a vision. For instance a day can mean a thousand years. If anything, I am anti-Satan. I am willing to lay down my life in war against satanic aliens for Our Lord Jesus and God the Almighty. In 1997 I was asked to sign a secrecy agreement with a Writ of Order attached for my immediate execution if I violated the conditions: I never participate in a uprising against aliens or give information to those that do. I never participate in a civil war or give information to those that do. I was drugged and subjected to severe psychological torture for not signing the secrecy agreement.

I wrote this poem to express the sadness God showed me in His Heart when He saw the surface of our planet. I am not a great poet but these words came to me quickly and I wrote them down. I did cry for the little dragonfly. Please try and understand this happens on our planet possibly more than a  trillion or more times everyday, 365 days a year, It is a massive attack and feels like torture to God's creatures by a civilization hell bent on self destruction. God was upset. He is considering giving His planet to His insects if we continue to damage our atmosphere to a point beyond repair. God is very fond of this planet. God loves His planet Earth. The meek shall inherent the Earth could come true. Very often I will see a small insect drowning or trapped, a strong inner voice will say: As you spare this life, so I shall spare yours. I personally love dragonflies and butterflies and the smallest creatures. I walk with them often. I believe if God the Almighty saw a person torturing an insect He would kill them if they ignored His warning to stop. The words amber grain and purple majesty were in my mind from a childhood song we sang at school and church, America the Beautiful, and were written by Katherine Lee Bates. Insecticides were introduced in 1939. God the Almighty said insecticides are evil on crops and cause cancer. 


God the Almighty created a dragonfly

She was brilliantly beautiful and full of joy

She was born in America by mountains of purple majesty

and fields of amber grain

She was flying across green meadows

and rested on a cherry tree

Something was terribly wrong

Her skin felt like it was on fire

The pain was beyond words

She fell to the Earth and died in agony

over the course of 3 days

It was so much pain for a little dragonfly to bear

but she died there and no one cared

except for her Creator and God

and His Son

They both cried


Special Forces Prayer

Almighty God, who art the Author of Liberty and the Champion of the oppressed, hear our prayer. We the men of Special Forces, acknowledge our dependence upon thee in the preservation of human freedom. Go with us in battle to defend the defenseless and to free the enslaved. May we ever remember that our nation, whose motto is "In God We Trust" expects that we shall acquit ourselves with honor, that we may never bring shame upon our faith, our families, or our fellow men. Grant us wisdom from thy mind, courage from thine heart, strength from thine arm, and protection from thine hand. It is for thee that we do battle, and to thee belongs the Victor's crown. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen

My name is Shawn Riddick and when I was a child Our Heavenly Father spoke to me about His return to Earth, His Son, Jesus Christ, His enemies, His prophets and the Bible prophecy known as the Abomination of Desolation and why the year 2012 marks a change in human destiny. He said our calendar is not correct. Our Heavenly Father gave us directions to help people survive and to establish his Kingdom on Earth. The Abomination of Desolation means human beings are desolate of souls. There are not enough souls for everyone on Earth. 

Our enemies are extremely powerful and mind-control is their most powerful weapon, Our Heavenly Father told me they stole His technology and while encased in this machinery under the surface of our planet, their consciousness can leave their physical bodies and pass through matter and enter our bodies. They can use us as vessels with or without our knowledge of it. Humans have also been allowed access to the Matrix and are currently active in the spirit realm in classified mind-control operations. Satanic alien-angels rule this world and they have contaminated almost everything on Earth. Because the Abomination of Desolation was setup it is possible there will be a transformation of the Earth's surface to remove pollution and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the new Tribes of Israel will survive. Please read this letter even if you are angered by what I say, I am not the bearer of good tidings or anything politically correct. I am not interested in fights or arguments over religion. We need to focus on the goal of eliminating the enemy and not fighting each other. The Holy Spirit needs more power. This should be obvious to everyone.

God the Almighty wants human beings to help fight this war against satanic alien-angels because he is greatly constrained by the vastness of His Universe and time, His windows of opportunity to come through time and space are very limited. Our Heavenly Father said He has the power to completely obliterate this part of his Universe. Our Heavenly Father is not in the same time construct as our planet Earth. One thousand years on Earth is the same as one day to Our Heavenly Father. Time is much faster here on Earth, one day science will be able to verify this. Our Heavenly Father will raise an army from among men on Earth with the help of our nation or without the help of the United States of America. If the case is the latter, the United States of America will be destroyed. God must leave His options open for strategic reasons. God spoke to me in 1964 and also touched me. I was only 6 years old. I am only writing down things as best as I can remember. I was so excited when God the Almighty saved and adopted me, but no one believed me, not our priest, my parents, or classmates. I was silent for many years to avoid ridicule. God said all of His Prophets were possessed by Satan after they became Prophets. God said if I become His Messenger I would be the His first Prophet to be possessed by Satan before I become a Prophet so I fully understand mind control and evil.   

One Sunday after mass I was so inspired by the words of our priest I just knew with all my heart God would answer my prayers. I could not even begin to imagine what would happen that very night as I lay asleep in my bed. A bright light in the upper corner of my room woke me and just as the light started to grow brighter a voice commanded me to close my eyes and kneel. The voice was both very gentle and strong at the same time, he said he was my Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, God the Almighty, Father. Amen. Our Heavenly Father told me that no mortal being can look upon Him and live, he said His enemies have grown too powerful and he cannot dim His consciousness for even one moment or millions of souls will be lost across his Universe. He would not be able to spare my life if I did not obey Him, I did. Our Heavenly Father left instructions for His return to our planet. We must kneel or lay down with our faces close to the ground and keep our eyes closed. He said to cover the heads of infants and small children with blankets or cloth and hold them tight. God said the Earth may shudder as he approaches but not to be afraid. Our Heavenly Father said many people around the planet who fought so hard for him would die needlessly if they did not heed this warning. He said He would grant them passage to Heaven but  they would never see the grandeur and miracles of our transformed Earth and His Kingdom. God the Almighty especially wanted His children to pray for His power and safety as He draws closer to Earth. God the Almighty will receive tremendous strength from prayers dedicated to Him. Our Heavenly Father wants the people of Earth to know He deeply regrets and is very sorry there is evil in His Universe. There was a time when evil did not exist. Our Heavenly Father said he introduced evil into His Universe from a Sister Universe was misled and unaware of the danger and eventual consequences. The evil spread through His Universe like a virus and He was unable to stop it. In order for His personal consciousness to survive He created Holiness and Heaven and so separated Himself from His own creation. Our Heavenly Father told me He was sorry I had fallen into the hands of Satan at such a young age. He gave me instructions to cast Satan out of my abuser and told me to tell the man to return to the church and seek forgiveness or he would burn in the Fires of Hell for all of eternity. God the Almighty wants all children to be taught the ways of the Lord at the earliest age possible.

Our Heavenly Father not only spoke to me in words but touched me and gave me a gift. In our tech savvy world I would describe His Touch as a download of God code into my subconscious mind and brain, my entire body tingled. God the Almighty considers our brains to be a outstanding example of His technology. God said our science has no idea of the capabilities of the human brain and its unused potential. God gave me a massive amount of information I will use in the future. God also said His other creatures we share our planet with are far more intelligent than we know. He said some of His insects can communicate with telepathy. God can speak with whales, cows, horses, elephants, some insects, birds, etc. God the Almighty thinks in Math and the entire Universe is created by mathematics. He said my mind would be incapable of understanding His mathematics but He did describe the brain He uses for space and time travel. His brain is classified at this time. Space travel is extremely expensive for God amounting to what would be equal to trillions of dollars in our economy for very short periods. This is why our souls and consciousness are stored in an highly fortified underground facility. It Is called the Book of Life, very similar to what we call a cloud. This is also why aliens tunnels cannot be destroyed. It would be extremely expensive for God to clear the tunnels. This is a civilized war with rules of conduct and contracts for exchange of services between enemies. This is not a war humans can wage with our current attitude. Revenge is not a reason for war. I can access my subconscious mind but It takes many hours of prayer and isolation to meditate. Meditation is extremely important. Warfare against aliens cannot be successful for humans without meditation. I cannot reveal the way aliens are. It is classified and to remain a mystery until war breaks out. It is also important to treat alien dead with respect and proper cremation. They cannot be tortured, abused, displayed, or humiliated in any way. God said any soldiers who tortured an alien were to be swiftly executed with zero tolerance for torture. God said war would come to America. God wants all of Satan's ships destroyed, not a single one left. He will give us a fleet of starships for obeying Him.

Our Heavenly Father said a soul scarred with sin will not enter Heaven; He also told me even though a human being may be possessed to commit a sin, the human being still carries the responsibility for the sin. There are many alternatives in the Universe besides entering Heaven and while God may can seem quite strict and unfair at times, there is only one Heavenly Father for us, and you cannot escape to another Universe. You really have no other choice but to repent, seek forgiveness; and obtain mercy and promotions through acts of kindness and good deeds. 

God said a human soul should begin its journey in the Universe as a soul from a lamb or pair of turtledoves. When the Daily Sacrifice was taken away, the Abomination of Desolation was setup. Our Father told me his Son, Jesus Christ, only agreed to die by crucifixion if the people of Earth would know his true scriptures, tragically Jesus was betrayed. If the scriptures Jesus wrote for us were known, the dedication of children to God with the sacrifice of a lamb or pair of turtledoves would still be in practice today as a normal part of Christianity. Jesus also gave strict warnings about the use of alcohol and our vulnerability to satanic possession. The true scriptures of Jesus Christ were too dangerous for satanic forces to allow into the Bible. Our Heavenly Father said Stephen buried the scrolls for safekeeping and he was murdered before he could tell the other apostles where they were located. It is still possible they will be found and be released to the public. 

The Abomination of Desolation is easily demonstrated in scripture. Jesus never gave us gave us permission to completely throw out the Laws of Moses, while Jesus taught us charity and good deeds outweigh strict obedience to the law, he foresees the dire consequences of ending the daily sacrifice and creating the Abomination of Desolation. John the Baptist and Jesus introduced baptism for the forgiveness of sins to end animal sacrifice for this sacrament, God felt His children were committing grave sins and just sacrificing animals for forgiveness without really feeling any guilt. Jesus grew up watching animals being sacrificed non-stop without the reverence and dignity they deserved. Jesus did not even like to eat meat. Jesus never told us to stop dedicating children to God and it was common knowledge in his day that lambs and turtledoves were a precious source of souls. That is why he spoke so clearly about the Abomination of Desolation. Saint Matthew 24: 15-22, When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand: Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains: Let him which is on the rooftop not come down to take anything out of the house: Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. And woe unto them that are with child, and to those who give suck in those days! But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day: For then shall be great tribulation, such was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. The same warning by Jesus is repeated in Saint Mark 13: 14-20. Jesus expresses his respect for the Laws of Moses in precise words in Saint Matthew 5: 17-20, Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven: But whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven. For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven and Earth have not passed away and the Kingdom of Heaven has never been established on Earth. All is not fulfilled and will not be until Jesus and God return to Earth. Jesus describes this prophecy and the consequences as a warning the Daily Sacrifice should never end, a warning from Our Heavenly Father ignored as usual. 

Daniel describes the Abomination of Desolation in Daniel 11:31, And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength and set up the abomination of desolation that maketh desolate. Our Heavenly Father told me the word (days) found in Daniel was really meant to (years). Daniel 12: 11-13, And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate setup, there shall be a thousand two hundred and five and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go thy way till the end be: for thou shall rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of thy days. Our Heavenly Father gives different possible times for the end of the world because he must keep his options open for strategic reasons. The thousand three hundred and five and thirty days can be interpreted as 1,380 years. Mohammed was a Prophet of God. Mohammed took Jesus off the cross in his teachings because he loved Jesus and could not accept crucifixion and torture as a way for Jesus to die. Since there are many Earths in time and Jesus was not crucified on all of them all of the time, Mohammed was telling the truth. Mohammed knew some Christians would eventually worship Jesus as God so he made the decision to remove the Father and Son relationship between God and Jesus in his teachings. I just wanted to explain what Mohammed was thinking and why Islam and Christianity differ so much in this regard. God wants Islam to accept Baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. Mohammed died in the year 632 and Islam occupied Jerusalem shortly thereafter. Up until this time the early Christian Church still dedicated children to God with the sacrifice of a lamb or pair of turtledoves. The Daily Sacrifice ended in Christianity approximately at this time. The years 632 + 1380 = the year 2012. Our calendar is not correct. I do not know what year it really is. Perhaps a scientist or mathematician can calculate our correct date. Mohammed is not responsible for ending the daily sacrifice in Christianity. Our Heavenly Father told me the blame belongs to Pope Honorius who was Pope in the year 632. Islam was intended to completely sweep across the entire planet. Mohammed made a critical mistake. Because of this error, Islam was never  powerful enough to destroy the Christian armies of Northern Europe and we are left with this awful mess after all this centuries. It is possible God the Almighty will answer the prayer of millions of Muslims with a weapon powerful enough to completely destroy all the military power of America. I am not sure and I do not think God the Almighty has made a decision yet. He is judging America but things are so evil here I am afraid myself of what will happen to our children. 

Everything important to Our Heavenly Father as our worship pertains to Him are written at least twice in the Bible. Our Heavenly Father is very strict about dedicating children to Himself and giving them a soul for His Matrix. Souls are very important to God and His Matrix. The thing about animal sacrifice is this, when a lamb is slaughtered and dedicated to God, the lamb's soul enters the Holy Spirit thus making the Holy Spirit stronger and the lamb does not really die, it becomes a part of God, in other words, the lamb's consciousness becomes a part of God's consciousness. When a human being is dedicated to God with the sacrifice of a lamb, the lamb's soul enters the human being. We slaughter billions and billions of animals with souls and consciousness without any prayer or religious sacraments at all. It is almost unimaginable to think human beings could be so callous and lazy. If you do not believe me, go to a meat plant and visit the animals waiting to be slaughtered, if you do not feel like praying for them I would be very surprised. Go up to cow and look him or her in the eye and then tell me you do not believe the animal is sacred and it is just a dumb animal. Even mother cows love their child. We have been separated from what should be sacred. Animal sacrifice is not savage, it is exactly the opposite, it is Holy and gives meaning and reverence for the animal's life and soul. Exodus 13:12, thou shalt set apart unto the Lord all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast, the male shall be the Lords. Exodus 13:13, And the firstly of an ass thou shall redeem with a lamb, and if thou will not redeem it, then thou shall break his neck: and all the firstborn of man among thy children shalt thou redeem. Exodus 34:20, But the firstly of an ass thou shall redeem with a lamb: and if thou not redeem him not, then thou shall break his neck. All the firstborn of thy sons thou shall redeem. And none shall appear before me empty. Our Heavenly Father wanted the scripture to say no child should stand before him empty of a soul and that daughters as well as sons were supposed to be dedicated to Him. We unfortunately have a Bible and scriptures that are written by men who were sometime tricked or manipulated by our enemies. Our Heavenly Father told me the word (ass) was supposed to be (foal) and He repeatedly warned the Children of Israel their love of donkeys as work animals was a mistake and their enemies would have overwhelming numbers of horses to pull chariots and for use in battle . He eventually became so fed up He withdrew his spirit from them. He told me that his Ark of the Covenant was never captured. He instructed His priests to hide it and it is still in good condition with very slight water damage.  

The violence and separation of the first Tribes of Israel lead by Moses was unfortunate and unavoidable for God the Almighty. His children were forced by the rulers of Egypt to sacrifice their sons to God's enemies. God the Almighty instructed Moses to keep His children isolated in the wilderness and kill their enemies and strangers because God needed to create something classified at this time for His Matrix and the future of Earth. God the Almighty was in a terrible position and had to create a isolated war party for raiding enemies and to build and protect His Ark. Moses is one of the greatest men in History and God gave Him instructions to build a devise to communicate with Him and give Him power on Earth. There is a secret to its operation. It will not work without my instructions. I will not reveal them at this time. God the Almighty left instructions to build it twice in the Bible. God is very violent when He needs to be and loving when at peace. I hope this explains why He asked His children to be so ruthless. God did have an valid reason to stone someone to death as a form of execution. It eliminated the killing of the person by a lone executioner, somewhat similar to a firing squad. All innocent victims stoned to death are rewarded after death and I would never stone anything to death in a million years. I believe executions should be by a firing squad, and by not hanging, beheading, or drugs.

God is an evolutionist and genetic scientist with billions of years of experience. Current human bodies will be obsolete in the Universe in only 10,000 more years. We are mortal beings and must die. God and His Angels are immortal beings. Our Universe is created by God's consciousness and mathematics beyond Quantum. At some point the Universe will collapse and retract very quickly. And the cycle of life will begin again exactly as before. Thus the name God has chosen, I am Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End. If you do not believe in God or Satan, I would ask you to believe in evil and the Universe. Even a child should be able to see our planet and solar system is a machine to support life. It has operated for billions of years and still exists. It is technology beyond us to create. Unfortunately our planet is contaminated with evil and chaos in the Matrix, it is also so well made, it has survived. Nothing created by man can come close. One day to God is 1000 years for us. It may be possible our planet and solar system was designed in a week. I am not sure. I am not sure about Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden. God the Almighty did not discuss it. I am 100% sure human beings were genetically engineered by God's intervention and evolution. I believe in evolution and so does God the Almighty, God said He was amazed with what humans have accomplished with dogs. God may have terminated dinosaurs because they became too evil. God the Almighty did not discuss it. God the Almighty definitely uses large meteors, asteroids, and cataclysmic events to alter a planet's future. I am 100% sure of this. Our planet has a secret design to survive large meteor hits, but the surface may alter dramatically. Tectonic plates may slip underneath each other to take the impact. God the Almighty said it was a secret. God the Almighty does not see our deaths as you and I see them. He knows there is life after death. Trust me on this. You will so thankful if you receive an upgraded record. 

Our Heavenly Father said alien enslavement of the human race and mind-control are only possible because our enemies stole His technology and use it to have access to His Matrix. Our brain and nervous system were designed by God so He and His Angels can enter our bodies and have full access to our consciousness with or without our knowledge of it. They can experience every aspect of our lives and use this power to guide us through thoughts and actions; because our enemies also have this power we can also be vessels for satanic alien-angels. Mind-control and possession can be anywhere from slight to complete and be for one minute to a lifetime. Mind-control can be used for an equally varied number of reasons: everything from breeding to scarring a person with sin, taking a life, scientific discovery, entertainment or revenge; the options are limitless. Satanic alien-angels are God's enemies because they have chosen a path to immortality that is illegal in his Universe; it carries an automatic death penalty and eventually leads to insanity. We are not only enslaved by evil satanic aliens, we are enslaved by insane evil satanic aliens. Satanic alien-angels sacrifice human beings to gain power from their souls; they are able to gain this power by condemning these human souls to power generators. God the Almighty told me that we must destroy all of their starships. Human beings will never be allowed to access the souls of animals or humans for power. If America's scientists try to harness this power for weapons or space travel : a large portion of America will destroyed in a blast. Alien spacecraft can jump or enter a parallel dimension from underground bases and can be completely invisible to humans, they travel so fast, they cannot be seen. The White House alien invasions of 1952 were ordered by God as a warning and are an actual historical event and almost completely ignored at this time. God's ship can pass through our sun and is completely impervious to a direct nuclear detonation. 

The future is wide open for the United States of America, if the United States of America is willing to ally itself with Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Our country has been given technology and military power for exactly this reason. This war can only be won with the help of Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I am being totally honest with you, our nation will be destroyed one way or another if our nation does not help God. We have only been blessed with technology and power in the hope we will help Our Heavenly Father. The next steps in technologies will allow human beings to transport matter across the Universe and it will never happen unless human beings prove themselves worthy of such trust. What God gives, God can take away. If the United States of America refuses to fight our enemies, the future alters dramatically and Our Heavenly Father will be forced to exercise other options His Matrix allow. I do not know exactly what will happen. The most likely scenario for such an event is a meteor, comet, or similar type blast will strike the southeast portion of our nation causing worldwide devastation. Our Heavenly Father said the impact could not be calculated closer than 800 miles. Our Heavenly Father also said in order to insure my survival that I would need to live on the continental shelf east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. I have chosen Fallon, Nevada for my base at this time. Fallon will be a safe location. Our Heavenly Father told me the force from the winds generated could kill me up to 1500 miles away. He also said the Earth might be temporally knocked out of our current orbit but our planet's orbit will be repaired. If the meteor penetrates into the core of our planet, it is probable a chain reaction of events will cause monstrous mega tsunami waves to hit the west coast of our country within 3 to 4 hours of the initial strike. If you live on the west coast and wait until you hear of the meteor strike it will probably be to late for you to flee. You know what will happen to the freeways within even minutes. There is also the possibility of an open alien attack at this time. God the Almighty may simply purify the surface of our planet. Economic failure is unavoidable unless current wireless/cellular communications and broadband are terminated. It is both detrimental to our health and God's creation. Please fast and pray about it before you disregard this warning. There are some options available to us in the time that remains. God does want you to spend at least 3 hours a week with him. You can help by praying for His safe return and for His Kingdom to be established. God the Almighty will greatly appreciate this. 

History will judge us for our deeds and actions at this most critical time. The men and women who fight and die in the coming battles with satanic alien forces will be the most important human beings in the history of the Universe. Satanic alien-angel control of Earth will not remain a secret for long, if indeed it can be considered a secret now, and U.S. Government involvement with these aliens will cease shortly. Your life and very consciousness is being recorded. History is being recorded at this very moment on Earth, many civilizations in the Universe are interested in us and watching us more closely than anyone realizes. You do matter to Our Heavenly Father and you know there is a greatness inside of all of us bigger than the petty squabbles of men fighting men. God is giving you, the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, the opportunity for an epic life and war that exalts you to glory and honor in his Universe. The alternative is grim. God told me I could die from the blast, the wind, flying rocks, a tidal wave, or suffocating under falling ash and dust. He said rocks could impact as far away as Utah. I am uncomfortable on the west coast even though I know there is a delay between the impact and the tidal waves. What kind of civilization would blatantly poison their own planet? The hunting of the Passenger Pigeon to extinction is an example of satanic alien-angels using mind-control on a large group of people to hurt God and our country. Our Heavenly Father told me he blessed our nation with everything we would ever need including souls. At one time our nation had enough souls for every man, woman, and child and they were supposed to last us for all time and they were next to free. Some historians estimate that over 3 billion passenger pigeons may have once lived in North America, but because of human greed coupled with mind control every last pigeon was killed. People were insanely hellbent on killing the pigeons without regard for life, just as we are now killing insects without regard for life. 

Because of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, Our Heavenly Father will no longer accept pigeons as a sacrificial animal. He said if you are an idiot enough to sacrifice young pigeons at a backyard barbeque because the Bible states they are an acceptable animal, you will regret the day you were born in His Universe. That is a direct warning from God. I am not blaming any human beings for being possessed, it happens to all of us, but it is time for everyone to understand that everyone is at risk. There are no exceptions. While is not a sin to be possessed by Satan and it is a part of our human experience on Earth, it is a sin to give into temptations and urges and commit wrongful acts. Jesus Christ will not return to our planet without God at his side. Our Heavenly Father told me Jesus will never go out into his Universe without Him again. Only a very elite few ever have this honor. The most anyone gets to stay in Heaven is 10,000 years before they have to leave again. Our Savior Jesus Christ was brutally tortured and humiliated more then scriptures even begin to reveal.  

I have to address the subject of torture. Torture is among the worst of sins we can commit. God gave a couple of examples of punishment for committing torture in his Universe. He said King Herod would be tortured for all of eternity in one of his own dungeons as punishment for torturing John the Baptist. Our Heavenly Father told me he sentenced Pontius Pilot to 10,000 years of slavery in a salt mine for handing Jesus over to His enemies. Our Heavenly Father also told me both John and Jesus have asked Him to end the punishments and that at the end of every death in his own dungeon King Herod begs for mercy. Our Heavenly Father told me that he would not relent because in order to rule his vast Universe and maintain order his subjects and citizens must fear Him and I must tell you that I do fear God. Our Heavenly Father told me... torture was not permissible under any circumstances and  if any of our men were caught torturing a alien... they were to be immediately executed. I know this subject may not go over so well with some people but I very strongly suggest that those of you who may have participated in or authorized any torture make amends and try to compensate victims. We are not God the Almighty and we cannot judge our Creator for His Hardness. We must worship Him or forfeit our existence in His Universe.


If our planet is struck by the blast, Our Heavenly Father warned about, we will raise an army for Our Heavenly Father by helping to restore the Tribes of Israel here in North America. This will be accomplished by restoring the Ark of the Covenant, The Daily Sacrifice, and the Tent of the Tabernacle so that the Holy Spirit will dwell with us on Earth again. The Tribes of Israel will be restored here in North America. If you survive, I am also inviting you to help in this undertaking. It will not be easy and I am warning you now there will be severe shortages of food, clothing, and everything else. It would very wise to move to the high desert and store up provisions. Severe shortages is not a severe enough description. People will even steal dogs to feed their families. You will need weapons, water purifiers, a 12 month supply of food, tents, and a lifetime supply of clothing and boots. I spend a lot of time outdoors and I can tell you from experience that safe water is a priority, even crystal clear mountain spring water needs to be purified. I recommend heavy caliber hunting rifles and as much ammo as you can afford. You should buy extra clothing while they are affordable. If you can afford extra socks and underwear for our soldiers and clothing for children that would be greatly appreciated. A friend of mine once told me about the five P's, Prior Planning Prevents a Poor Performance, and I thank her for it and I am reminding you. A poor performance might lead to death in the time of tribulation. Fallon, Nevada is defendable and it offers farming that could eventually sustain the local population. If you show up with no provisions you may be too much of a burden on the community. There may be a lethal force security perimeter and no access allowed. You may have to stay in a refugee camp somewhere else at first. Fuel for trucks and cars will be almost impossible to obtain. In order to survive you will need to part of a community, isolated homesteads will be prime targets for plunder. Snipers will be able to take you and your family out from long distances. Only the Tribes of Israel will survive the purification of the surface of the Earth and live to witness the Kingdom of Heaven and the New Earth. 

War with satanic forces is not war as you would normally think of war because besides physical confrontations and kill or be killed reality, it is unusual because the enemy is also invisible, silent, and can be in absolutely any human being close to you or that you come in contact with. They can be in your spouse, priest, lover, best friend, a total stranger, or even a child. The enemy must always be suspected of being in all humans, even yourself. You can be possessed even if you love Jesus and God with all your heart and you pray for hours a day. A human being possessed by Satan is usually quite normal. Thoughts must be given over to scrutiny and prayer before they are put into action. If the situation is not life or death, you need to step back and take a time out to see beyond what is right in front of you, you need to think about the possibility that the enemy is laying a snare. Our enemies have made war with them more difficult by dividing us. They can use mind control in a myriad of ways, urges and natural human weakness can be amplified to unbearable levels. They can attack and destroy with alcohol, drugs, gambling, adultery, and so on and so forth. Families can be split up just to emotionally or financially cripple an enemy. They have also contributed greatly to the pollution of our planet, by polluting our air, water, and soil with thousands upon thousands of chemical compounds they have effectively made the bodies of most human beings too contaminated for any Holy contact at all. I recommend a 100% sugar free organic diet, abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and drinking only natural spring or clean well water. The only sweeteners the Holy Ghost will allow me to right now is organic maple syrup, organic agave nectar, or organic stevia. The Holy Ghost has also warned me not to eat some other organic products. The only milk they allow me to drink is 100% pasture grazed and organic. I am aware of the good virtues of honey portrayed in the Bible but both God and the Holy Ghost have strongly warned me not to eat even organic honey. I strongly recommend 100% natural or organic personal care products. I strongly recommend prayer and fasting. I strongly recommend keeping physically fit. Your level of physical conditioning and the level of your body's chemical contamination have a direct correlation to your physical and spiritual strength against satanic alien-angels in the Matrix. A little prayer is better than no prayer and if you cannot run you can probably take a walk to start out getting in shape. Some days I feel too tired to run and I start out walking or put on my inline skates. To keep fit I lift weights, run, cycle, skate, swim, hike, and really watch what I eat. Another warning here, I do not swim in pools treated with chemicals. I am 50 years old and I am fit for combat. I am preparing myself to have strength in my old age. I will be fit for combat even when I am in my eighties. Our Heavenly Father told me to build up my strength because I will need it, and I believe there should be no age limit on people who want to fight for God. You may need strength in your old age too. If you find yourself under attack to commit a sin or you are being tormented throw on a iPod playing worship music and go for a run. It always works and it is better than prayer alone. I usually wear rosaries, a couple of Saint Benedict medals with the graven image of Saint Benedict ground down ( the medal has a exorcism engraved on it ), and Holy Water.  

My personal religious beliefs as influenced by Our Heavenly Father are not that far from Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. The main points are as follows, I believe in One God. I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe in the Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost. I believe all children should be dedicated to God with the sacrifice of a lamb or pair of turtledoves in order to obtain a soul for the Matrix. I believe in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) or being Baptized as often as necessary to remove the stain of sin from your soul. I challenge anyone who doubts me to go to confession or get baptized again. You will feel cleaner and better after either one of these sacraments. I believe anyone can baptize anyone, and that couples and friends should baptize each other whenever the opportunity arises. You should never risk death with a scarred soul. You should always confess your sins. I believe all human beings should spend a minimum of three hours per week with God in prayer, study, or worship. God the Almighty said farmers who use insecticides on crops will not enter Heaven. Our Heavenly Father told me some of His insects have higher consciousness and they feel both joy and pain. He said when they take flight, they are aware and understand danger. He told me they suffer tremendous agony when insecticides poison them, He told me it was a sin to use pesticides and insecticides outside of protecting our homes, bodies, pets, and animals from bites and parasites. Insects may be repelled off crops, but not killed and poisoned by organic products. God the Almighty said our land and farms are grossly mismanaged. God was extremely upset when He saw the Great Central Valley of California: Extremely upset. Our Heavenly Father cares a great deal about the environment and even his smallest creatures such as ants and slugs. We do not need flawless fruit shining with food grade wax. I believe all animals should be prayed for and dedicated to God before slaughter for food. Our Heavenly Father wants all animals sacrificed to have a minimum of two years of quality life. I do not eat any unclean foods stated in the Bible. Jesus never ate a piece of pork or crab in his entire life. Jesus preferred not to eat meat and he was mostly a vegetarian; however it is not a sin to eat meat. Only strict vegans are given souls at this point in history. I believe carved and graven images or statues such as Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Saints are  wrong, Our Heavenly Father told me he would only accept a plain cross in churches and my rosaries only have a cross on them. Our Heavenly Father told me the penalty for having an abortion is 1000 years in purgatory. Purgatory can be on this Earth or another planet; your life can be greatly upgraded or greatly downgraded according to your record. Many people on Earth are in purgatory and have the opportunity to redeem themselves before God. Punishments can be severe. I believe acts of kindness, relieving misery and suffering, helping the environment of our planet, fighting evil and God's enemies can all help to outweigh the penalties of sin. I believe there should be treaties of non-aggression between all religions and denominations. I believe cleanliness is next to Godliness. I believe it is wrong to be cremated or embalmed. If you are embalmed you will only further contaminate the Earth. I know for a fact that some people will be resurrected, I am not sure if an embalmed or cremated body can be resurrected. Our Heavenly Father told me all souls must wait before entering Heaven and that you will have a choice to sleep or stay awake. I believe all bodies should be buried or placed in tombs on ground which has been blessed and is hallow. I believe tombs are more suitable to God and it would not be difficult to construct large community tombs for the dead. Proper burial on hallow ground has become too costly for the poor and it is not right. I believe satanic alien-angels can be successfully cast out with a combination of chemical free food and ritual. Even though I have been hard on the Catholic Church, Our Heavenly Father said all good priests will enter His Son's Kingdom. 

Homosexuality was made a sin by God when the Tribes of Israel were created because God knew His men would have sex with each other and other women on expeditions and missions, and then bring disease and sickness home to their wives. No medicines were available whatsoever. I do believe God wants men to find a wife and raise a family if they can. It is not a sin for lonely men to seek a prostitute for comfort, I believe prostitution should be legal in all states and nations just like Nevada. Nevada law is 100% correct and Godly in this regard. God the Almighty said it was not a sin for single and lonely men and women to have sex. Without sex and human touch men and women can become unhealthy. I am not ashamed of homosexuality and nether is God. Current Islamic law is 100% wrong in this regard by treating homosexual men and women harshly. God the Almighty said it was not a sin for men and women to have sex in prison. God the Almighty said it was it was not a sin for men and women to touch each other.  We need to communicate with God and Jesus for the current status. This is very important to the human race at this time of sexual freedoms and marriage between the same sex. I am not sure and I would not want to teach anyone, especially our young to break God's laws. I would like to seek God in the desert soon and ask Him.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Cleanliness is very important to God and He has cursed civilizations in the past for uncleanness.

 Our Heavenly Father said Catholic priests do have the authority to forgive sin through the Sacrament of Confession and I believe the lack of this Sacrament at many Christian Churches creates a lot of very unhappy souls in the afterlife. Our Heavenly Father told me that Baptism was meant to be a sacrament for the forgiveness of sins and that a person should be baptized as often as necessary. You can look up (how to go to confession) on numerous websites and just go to a Catholic Church and do it. Confession is usually very private and your face will be screened from the priest. You must prepare yourself, write the script down, write all your sins down, and conduct your confession in a business like fashion. I am giving you permission to do this even if you are not Catholic. If you feel like you are in purgatory and your life is a punishment, it may very well be. Ask the priest to forgive you for all your sins in your current and past lives in Our Father's Universe. Be professional and prompt in confession and the priest will treat you the same way. If you need counseling, please make an appointment. Confession is not a place for sob stories and conversations. Just state your sins and listen to the priest. Please be professional. Priests have an unbelievably tuff job. Many priests are saints.  

Our Heavenly Father did not have any good news about our environment: and a meteor strike is probably a blessing if human beings continue on the current course. Our Heavenly Father said some wireless communication bands and technologies were harmful to both us and His own technologies. God the Almighty said he would allow quantum technology to be used by human beings only if we prove ourselves to be trustworthy. God placed huge oil reserves on Earth so that his whales would not be hunted and our oil reserves were supposed to last thousands of years. God gave our planet the sun, waves, and wind to supply us with all of our power needs; He spoke of His pleasure at first seeing Earth from space and then described His disappointment as He came closer and saw the surface. God said current rocket propulsion systems were the number one threat to cause the total extinction of life on Earth. He said they severely damage the outer atmosphere/mesosphere/mesopause of our planet and our atmosphere has a limited capacity to heal itself. God said once a point of no return is reached, catastrophic failure will occur. Our Heavenly Father left evidence of this for us and our government has access to the information now. I believe rocket propulsion systems are a satanic alien strategy to harm our planet beyond repair and to keep us from exploring space. Our planet could end up looking a lot like Mars and if you think our enemies could never do something so evil to us and God, you are dead wrong, they now have many more planets available to them and they know they will eventually lose the battle here. God the Almighty also does not want His Elephants hunted. I believe the United Nations should protect them. Some animals are extremely close to God the Almighty. Elephants are hunted with helicopters and even poisoned with bait. Poisoning an animal is torture. These elephants must be protected.

God the Almighty works through men, He always has and He always will. God the Almighty does not use magic to perform miracles. He uses technology. God can transform and transport matter. God can transform the surface of our planet. God can resurrect the dead. I am working for Our Heavenly Father to help human beings obtain eternal life, to destroy satanic alien-angels, and to establish His Kingdom on Earth. We can all work together even if we disagree on some or many things. I have tried to be as brief  and there is a great deal that I am leaving out of this letter. I pray you will believe me because it makes sense and explains the terrible mess here on Earth in a plain and understandable way. I am friendly to the Intelligence and Military community. Our Heavenly Father has forbid me to write fiction of any kind. I would rather you believed me now instead of later. Every morning brings our nation a new opportunity to redeem itself before God. I have seen no indications of movement of any kind towards helping God and Jesus fight satanic forces and I am fully expecting the United States to be struck down. Unfortunately, some of our intelligence agencies, military agencies, and the executive branch of government are directly controlled by satanic aliens using mind control and human beings as vessels. These possessed men will bring the wrath of God the Almighty upon us. God also warned me not to commit terrorism of any kind against America. I urge any person considering violence against the United States, any human being, or even an insect to turn to prayer and fasting instead. Take a time out and meditate. 

Never torture a insect or animal, please instruct your young boys from the earliest age they are never to abuse these small creatures. All life is to be respected. It is so important for children to be taught the ways of the Lord at a very young age. Holiness and worship is necessary for a society to exist, without it human beings become too evil. 

There is a way to communicate with God and Jesus: the restoration of the Ark of Covenant, the Tent of the Tabernacle, and the Daily Sacrifice. There is a secret to its successful operation. It will not work without the instructions God left with me. God is also offering a military strategy to defeat Satan and bless our nation and planet instead of our nation being destroyed. You are more than what you have been taught or believe, there is greatness in all of us. We are the creation of God the Almighty. I am asking you to consider dedicating your life to God and Jesus by being their ally in this war to overthrow Satan. All peoples and nations are invited to help free this planet and create a movement to free our galaxy from satanic rule. I am seeking as much help as I can get for this mission, anything from a prayer for God to the full commitment of our planet's military power. Unfortunately, God may have to wait for help until it is too late for most of you. Nobody believes a prophet until the worse happens, and only those of you with access to classified archives can verify my claims. You can still help. You can make a difference in this war to free our planet. The United States of America is in league with Lucifer and his Angels. America has created the greatest prison industry and police state on Earth. The Land of the Free now has more prisoners than any other nation on Earth. Our water, soil, and air are poisoned, satanic aliens have been granted safe harbor under our soil. The list of crimes against God are many. Our nation is an enemy of God the Almighty, we have been offered a chance to return to God and fight with Him to free Earth. God the Almighty destroys His enemies and civilizations that have become too evil. Holiness and Purity are the ways of the Lord, He will purify the Earth. Restoring the Ark of the Covenant and the Daily Sacrifice is not Mission Impossible. If our Nation is destroyed... a Mormon Stronghold will be left intact on the continental shelf. Joseph Smith taught the Daily Sacrifice must be restored. Only 144,000  people will be needed for the Tribes of Israel. This is a very small fraction of the population of earth. This is very scary for me. We are one planet in a very vast Universe. God has watched millions of civilizations destroy their planets.  

Remember... if you live on the west coast, you will only have 4 hours to get over the summit. The freeways will jam. People will kill for motorcycles and you will need to carry a weapon. Please store a 12 month supply of food and water purifiers. Dried Beans will keep your family alive. All governments should store at least a 2 year supply of food for their nation's population. This is a important lesson from the Bible and history.

I have been extremely critical of the government of the United States of America but I would like both my enemies and friends to know I do greatly appreciate the freedom I enjoy in America. I would ask all police officers and prison guards to treat their prisoners with respect and kindness wherever possible and to free the innocent. God the Almighty said if I was a police officer I would be required to visit the people I arrested and speak with them. This is  very important to him. A police officer must be hyper aware of evil and satanic possession. Evil is a virus in the Matrix. Almighty created America for the sole purpose of war with His enemies, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and a society which protects these rights.

Some of you reading this have been greatly blessed. I would like a job or way to support myself which allows me time in the wilderness,  I do not need very much money to get by. I just want to help God and help save our planet. I really need a pre-owned jeep right now in good working condition and a small monthly income in Northern Nevada or Utah. It is very important to seek the Holy Spirit. I cannot restore the Daily Sacrifice by myself and God and His Holy Spirit have been hurt. I need help, God needs help, the Holy Spirit needs help. I have asked the governments of America, Russia, and Israel to help. None have come forward. God's message is unacceptable to the cowards in NATO Command and Satan's corporations destroying His creation. 

I would especially like to thank our Heavenly Father for saving me from Satan and for giving me the faith I have. Thank you for your support and kindness. I love you Father. I love you Lord Jesus. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

I would like for this Message from God the Almighty to be recorded by others. If you use this work I ask you to  include my name as the author and inspiration for your work. Thank you

God bless you....... Sincerely Shawn Linus Riddick

PO Box 1478 Fallon Nevada 89407  powertogod@gmail.com